zondag 25 december 2011

The stick in Rihanna's eye (and the splinter she planted)

Rihanna told Dutch magazine editor Eva Hoeke via Twitter that “her magazine is a poor representation of the evolution of human rights”. This because the mag called Jackie printed an item inwhere women with a Rihanna-like fashion style were catagorized under the label ‘n***bitch’. Although the term was meant as a ‘hip’ fashion statement, critics were lining up to take shots and condemn Hoeke and her magazine. But how much of a representative for the development of human rights is Rihanna herself?
The Barbados singer went on to tell Eva Hoeke that the N-word is an insult to her people. But if it’s an insult, why does Rihanna use it in her songs? When one can’t bare hearing a certain curse, you wouldn’t stand to take it from yourself either, am I right? The only explanation is that when Rihanna speaks out the debated word, there is no negative sound to it. Apparently the negativity comes in when someone with a certain skincolor says it. Someone who might have the same innocent intention Rihanna does. So, it basically  has to do with the color of the sender’s skin, as far as Rihanna is concerned. But isn’t that racism? And, would Rihanna have taken her words back if Eva Hoeke turned out to be an Afro-european sister? It seems she looked Eva Hoeke up, primarily to check what the color of her skin was, in order to determine the degree of her anger.
Besides racist, Rihanna’s indignation is utterly selective as well. Because apparently she fails to stand up for her morals, when there’s money to be made. Perhaps you are familiar with the story of Rihanna’s audition for Jay-Z, which landed her a contract with Def Jam Records. Jay-Z puts launches his music through this label himself, as do artists like Nas, Method Man and Red Man. These four are famous for their rap-skills but also for large-scale use of the N-word. In fact: they, and hundreds of other American artists, have made this word what it is today, in Europe: a hip catchphrase which is in no way associated with the deep seeded racial tensions that once covered the US. The European music consumer was overwhelmed for over ten years, with the self-invited amicably usage of the N-word. And, like I said, the word florishes on Rihanna’s albums as well. For instance, listen to the song called G4L, if you can stand to listen to the mic-distorted pulp long enough. You’ll find it safe to say that Rihanna is not too shy to have a jolly old ‘n***-bitch’ outburst eternalized on a CD. But when the editor of a magazine, who happens to have a different skincolor, repeats the words that she so firmly advocates in her music, Rihanna snaps.
Don’t get me wrong: I hate the debated word myself. But thats the reason why it’s such a pity that, of all people, Rihanna is the one coming forward in this debate. I can’t think of a worse embassador for strong Afro-american/european women. With her on stage lap-dances, her sexual outbursts, her love for ‘bad men’ and total lack of humility. The respected, truly strong African women of this world are not waiting for support from a petite hypocrite from Barbados. If Opray Winfrey was the one to give this Dutch magazine a piece of her mind,  I would have stood up, clapped my hands and whistled. But I refuse to grant the self-knowledge lacking Rihanna, who is now reaping exactly what she’s been sowing in the entertainment industry, any justiceship. Especially since a hardworking woman has lost her job over this issue, only because Rihanna could not see the stick in her own eye, while magnifying the splinter (which she planted herself!) in the eye of another.
Perhaps Eva Hoeke has collected some albums of the above Def Jam legends over the years. If so: she should demand her money back, for she has been misled! The artists apparently did not want her to love every word they sang to her, but were merely after her money. Sharing the amusing lingo is apparently reserved for real ‘n***’s’ only!
And yes Rihanna, Eva Hoeke speaks English. The English you and your friends at Def Jam have taught her to speak.
Chris D.

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